Timeless Furniture Co was born to provide truly unique Mid Century and Modern reproductions (replicas) of the original designers ideas.


To provide high quality, highly unique, traditional but modern furniture for everyone, and for every lifestyle at an affordable price. Many of our Original Designers also shared this dream as they pioneered their works. At Timeless Furniture Co we are continuing to champion this common dream, providing quality design at an competitive price.


Our products are carefully selected pieces that we truly believe in. You will notice our furnitures clean lines and open spaces iconic to this era of Mid Century Modern (MCM) (1920’s-1970’s) furniture that continues to shape the world we live in today. At Timeless Furniture Co (FTC) we hope we will not only inspire you, but educate you through history, design, manufacturing and most importantly how our furniture can create and change the way we live at home.
" Chances are if you have found a cheaper product, you have found an inferior product ”